Beautiful tech that’s just your style.

Mira is a fashion-forward smart bracelet that captures your daily activity and motivates you to take small healthy actions each day. It’s time to feel as good as you look.

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Your jewelry collection just got smarter.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion in the name of fitness. Choose the Mira Bracelet that matches your look. Wear it at the gym, to work or going out with friends. Mira tracks your activity, gets to know your personal fitness style and sends you healthy boosts to help you stay on track.

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“I wanted to be discrete about tracking my steps. I loved that Mira’s style gave me the privacy and flexibility I wanted.”

Emily B.

“I wanted something more feminine that I would wear every day. I like Mira’s modern design and the bracelet matches my other jewelry.”

Kathleen P.

Get personal insights to make healthier choices every day.

  • Steps
  • Elevation
  • Distance
  • Calories

Beyond its sleek design, your Mira has powerful technology with an app to match. The more you wear your bracelet, the more data it gathers about your daily activity. You’ll get simple boosts and suggestions to keep you on track and help you achieve your personal fitness goals.